Concho is located at an altitude of 6200' and enjoys a mild four-season climate.  Summer days usually average in the 80's and 90's. Winter days will sometimes drop below 30° but average in the 40-50°'s.
A normal winter snowfall day in Concho usually is just enough snow in the morning to enjoy a white landscape and then the "solar snowplow" takes over to clear the roads by the afternoon. 
Concho Valley is an excellent place for those looking for a second home and for active retirees in a non-polluted and healthy area. It is one of the unique places in Arizona that appeals to both "snow birds" escaping the northern winters and "desert dwellers" looking for a cool place to get out of the summer heat. The great weather added together with a variety of affordable properties and a small town atmosphere equals an outstanding place for a seasonal getaway home.
Gardening and Farming

The water and soil quality is excellent for gardens, farms and landscaping.  The water and soil in and around Concho has not been polluted with past industrial and mining operations and most places have a sandy loam soil.  The temparate four seasons allow for a good growing season. All your garden or farm will need is some fertilizer, water and your desire to make things grow!

Concho is located in the cedars chaparral area of the White Mountains. In this area, the rainfall and snowfall are less than the tall pines areas such as in Flagstaff, Show Low and Lakeside/Pinetop, but more than the low desert areas such as Phoenix or Tuscon. Summer days are pleasant for outdoor activities while the evenings are cool enough to sit on the porch and stargaze.  Wide open vistas let you watch the monsoon storms, sunsets, and birds passing overhead. City pollution is 200 miles away so daytime skies are clear and blue and nighttime stargazing is spectacular.
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