There has been a slow but steady growth as people have started to rediscover the Concho area. The village area of Concho comprises an area of about 5 square miles but the complete Concho area is defined in an area of about 20 miles radius of the village.  The current population in town is approximately 900 persons.  Concho is an unincorporated community encompassing 4 townships in Apache County.

The Village of Concho - Old Concho and Concho Valley
The area known as "Old Concho" is the historic area where many of the residents are direct descendants of the original Basque and Mormon settlers.  Houses in Old Concho are a mixture of old homesteads and modern homes.  Century old adobe structures, cottonwood trees, and scenes of livestock grazing in the fields in this little shell-shaped valley remind you that Concho is truly an American western town.

Concho Elementary School
is open for kindergarten through the 8th grade. The school encourages eco-responsibility for the students by sponsoring the Arbor Day event each year and offering horticulture classes as an elective.  The school upgraded all bathrooms to low water use appliances and in 2011, installed solar panels which, as of March 2015, has saved over 135MG of CO2 emmissions and generated 193MW of power.

The Post Office, library, and Volunteer Fire Department are located in Concho Valley. The Lions Club maintains a town park with a playground. Concho CAN!, a non-profit community organization, organizes town events and a newsletter that goes out to the Concho area. Churches in town include Catholic, LDS, Presbyterian and non-denominational.
The Ranchlands
Outside of the village, the ranchlands are vast and varied.  All around Concho are large cattle and horse ranches that have been in families for generations. Interspersed among the large ranches are rural subdivisons with small acreage home sites and 40+ acreage mini-ranches settled by modern homesteaders who have built their dream life in the American West far away from the city crowds.  Antelope, elk, eagles,and hawks are a common sight in the ranchlands outside of town.

Concho Valley, which is two miles south of Old Concho, is located by Concho Lake.  The subdivisions here were developed as a master-planned community in the 1970's- 1990's.  The neighborhoods have homesites that range from 1/4 acre to 1 acre with larger 5 to 20 acre mini-ranches another two miles to the south.  Some neighborhoods have horse-privileges and almost all of them have utilities to the lots.

Click here for a street map of the village of Concho.

Livco Water Company
is a local private water utility serving most of Concho Valley and parts of Old Concho. Concho Wastewater Improvement District handles the wastewater services in Concho (not available in all subdivsions).

Come grow with us! There is plenty of room left for new businesses and services with properties available for commercial development.

Businesses & Services in Concho
Concho already has many of the small businesses to make rural living comfortable.  There is a  Family Dollar store, convenience store/gas station, 3 restaurants, feed store, self storage companies, and many home-based service businesses. 
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