PO Box 659, #1 County Road 5100   Concho, AZ  85924
  Phone: 928 337-2266      Fax: 928 337-3578        e-mail: livco@frontiernet.net

Office hours:   9:00am - 2:00pm  Monday-Friday
Located at the corner of Highway 61 at the corner and C.R. 5100

 (approximately 1 mile north of the school)
Emergency after hours:  800 220-9275
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Water service
Water utility service is provided by Livco to residents and businesses in Concho Valley in Units 1*, 1B, 3* (north), 4, 4A, 5, 5A, 5B, 9, 9A and 33.  Water utility service in Old Concho is provided by Old Concho Water Company - phone: 928 337-2278.
* Not all lots in Units 1 and 3 have service installed to lot lines.  Please contact Livco to find the location of the nearest service line and estimated costs to extend lines.
New water service requests:
Meter service already installed:
Please contact Livco at least 3 business days prior to requested start date.  New service will only be scheduled Monday through Friday.  Deposit and service application must be completed before service is started.

For residences: $25 establishment fee plus $70 to $85 refundable deposit.

For businesses: $25 establishment fee plus 2.5 times the estimated cost of monthy water service.

New service requiring meter installation:
Please contact Livco at least 14 days prior to requested installation date.  Cost for ¾" line service (normal for homes) is $700 which needs to be paid in advance plus establishment fee and deposit.  Please contact Livco for larger sizes of meters or for business installations. All fees and the service application must be completed before service is started.
Meters are read monthly after the 23rd of the month and bills are mailed at the end of the month.  Payments are due on the 15th of the following month. 
The annual
Water Quality Report for 2018 testing is now available at the Livco office.  Please contact Livco if you would like to have a copy mailed to you or click here to download a copy.
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