So what is missing in Concho, AZ?

You won't find.........
Tornados    Floods    Earthquakes  or   Hurricanes

OR .....

Wild Fires
The forests are 30 minutes away - close enough to enjoy but far enough to avoid forest fire dangers.

 The closest smog is 150 miles away.

Concho "blizzards" are usually only 4" of snow which melts within a few days.

Desert summers
 A summer day in Concho rarely goes over 90º and the evenings cool down to the mid-60's.

Humid summers
 This is Arizona. What's humidity?

High property taxes
 Apache County has one of the lowest tax rates in the country.

Daylight Savings Time
 Who needs to save daylight in Arizona?

City street noises
 Heck, we don't even have stoplights.

Light pollution
The view of the Milky Way from the backyards in Concho is so brilliant and seems so close that you could almost dip a spoon into it.

Water/Soil pollution
 Apache County does not have mining or industrial contamination issues.The water and soil quality in Concho is one of the best in Arizona.

Rush hour tie-ups
 .... that is unless you consider waiting for a herd of antelope or elk to cross the highway to be rush hour traffic.

Concho is missing all of that and what we're also missing is.....


We'd love to have you as a neighbor!
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